Commercial Clearwater Company, Inc.

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The answer to your gas or liquid chlorine problems
Say Good-bye to
Say Hello To
  • Messy Liquid Bleach
  • Bulk tanks and drums
  • Hazardous spills and leaks
  • Government regulations
  • Chlorine degradation

   Chlorine Briquettes
  • Enhanced safety
  • Simple operation
  • Lowered costs
  • Long chlorine shelf life
  • crystal clear, sparkling pool water
See the remarkable improvement in water clarity, color and sparkle. The pulsar system not only chlorinates, it also protects bathers, plaster and pool equipment.
 Pulsar 1 Pulsar 3 Pulsar 4

Pulsar 1 Dry Chlorine Feeder
Pools up to 50K Gals.
Information Sheet (PDF)
Pulsar 3 Dry Chlorine Feeder
Pools up to 200K Gals
Information Sheet (PDF)
Pulsar 4 Dry Chlorine Feeder
Pools up to 600K Gals
Information Sheet (PDF)