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  Algaecide   Alkalinity/Total Alkalinity     Algae? (More on Algae)    What is Free, Combined and    Total Chlorine?
  Aluminum Sulfate   Balanced Water     Brown colored water
  Bromamines   Buffer     Chlorine odor    How do I know how much    chemical to use?
  Bromine   Breakpoint Chlorination     Cloudy water
  Calcium Carbonate   Calcium Hardness     Eye irritation    What are the ideal chemical    levels for pool/spa water?
  Calcium Chloride   Water Clarifier     Green colored water
  Calcium Hypochlorite   Corrosion     Vomit in the water    What type of test kit to use?
  Carbon Dioxide   Dry Acid     Blood in the water    What water quality tests are    required for swimming pools?
  Chloramines   D.E.(Diatomaceous
    Feces in the water
  Chlorine (More)     RESOURCE LINKS    Why are Heath Departments    responsible for regulating and    inspecting swimming pools and    spas?
  Cyanuric Acid   Flocculant    NYS Sanitary Code
  Hypochlorous Acid   Langelier Index     Suffolk County Health dept.     Swimming Pool Requirements
  Lithium Hypochlorite   Oxidation/Oxidizer    What do health inspectors
   look for during an inspection?
  Sodium Bicarbonate   PH     Suffolk County Health Dept.      Swimming pool forms, fact      sheets 
  Sodium Carbonate (Soda   Ash)   Residual    What if the pool fails the    inspection?
  Sand Filters    National Spa/Pool Institute
  Sodium Bisulfate   Sanitizer    National Swimming Pool    Foundation    What are the requirements for    lifeguards?
  Sodium Dichlor   Saturation Index
  Sodium Hypochlorite   Scale (scaling)    Chlorine Chemistry    Council
  Sodium Trichlor   Soft water
  Muriatic Acid   Shock/Superchlorination
  Total Dissolved Solids
  Ultraviolet Light (UV)