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      Thank you for your interest in Commercial Clearwater Company. We are pool and spa experts, with over 30 years experience in all aspects of the aquatics industry including, design and construction, water quality, health and safety compliance, and pool/spa management, operation and operator training. Our clients include Water parks, Municipalities,
State Parks, Recreation and Community Centers, Schools and Universities, YMCAs and YMHAs, and Summer Camps, to name a few.

      We specialize in automated controllers, and dry chlorine feed systems, providing state-of-the-art products to completely automate monitoring and regulation of pool water chemistry. Our products also include pumps, filters, heaters, automatic pool cleaners, chemicals feeders, chemicals, spare parts, and other pool products from leading manufacturers in the swimming pool industry.

      Our Engineering and Design teams work with owners and architects to ensure safe, functional pool design and appropriate water circulation systems. Our Design/Supply program guarantees that the circulation and treatment systems are matched to provide pool and spa water of the highest quality. We perform start-up and operator training to ensure proper operation and satisfaction with any equipment we install.

      Our mission, and guiding principle, is simple: provide the best solutions for your specific aquatic needs. From design and construction, to water quality, service, and training, our highly experienced staff of pool professionals provide unique solutions to make operation of your aquatic facility safe, cost efficient, and stress free.