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All public and commercial swimming pools and spas operated by apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, motels, municipalities, high schools, colleges, universities, and sports and fitness clubs require a Certified Pool/Spa Operator. Commercial Clearwater Company conducts Pool/Spa Operator certification courses accredited by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and taught by NSPF certified instructors. Course topics include:
  • Pool Water Chemistry
  • Filtration and circulation
  • Water testing and analysis
  • Pool/Spa management
  • Pool problems and troubleshooting
  • Liability and safety issues
  • Current developments in the aquatics profession
Plus, the latest progress and developments in the aquatic profession including the latest information on the new Americans with Disabilities Act's fedetral requirements for pools. Also, information on Ultraviolet (UV) systems and Saltwater systems.

Register soon for upcoming CPO courses.
Early Registration Fee: $285.00
Regular Registration: $315.00