Commercial Clearwater Company, Inc.

Swimming Pool Inspection
During an inspection the health inspector looks for:
Public Health Hazards: (Violation of a public health hazard may result in immediate closure by the health inspector).
  • Adequate supervision
  • Minimum disinfectant risidual
  • Proper clearance between pool and overhead electrical wiring and no unprotected circuits/wiring within 10 feet of the pool.
  • Emergency light source provided and functioning for night swimming.
  • Life saving equipment present at pool deck.
  • Pool botom and main drain visible.
  • Main drain securely in place.
  • Proper depth markings present.
  • Pool area properly enclosed and secured.
  • No unapproved chemicals or application methods.
  • No glass/sharp objects in pool or deck area.
 Records & Signs:  Filter room and Equipment:
  • Valid operating permit posted.
  • Injury/Illness reporting log maintained.
  • Pool safety plan implemented
  • Pool/Spa operation records maintained.
  • Adequate turnover rate.
  • Flow meter maintained and reading properly.
  • Filters maintained and operating properly.
  • Chemical feed equipment maintained and operating properly.
  • Gas Chlorinator properly housed, ventilated and safety equipment provided
Pool Operation, Maintenance & Supervision:  
  • Qualified aquatic supervisory staff/CPO on duty.
  • Direct supervision of bathers provided and adequate number of supervisory staff.
  • Lifesaving equipment present and accessible.
  • Pool fensed. Self-closing/latching gates or doors.
  • Pool deck unobstructed, clean, no standing water.
  • Depth, safety markings, and float line in place.
  • Adequate water depths for diving, slides, starting blocks.
  • Equipment/Appurtenances; ladders, steps, rails provided and secured.
  • Electrical defects absent; electrical circuits protected; adequate clearances for overhead wiring; compliance certificate for portable devices
  • Adequate lighting. Surface glare and reflection prevented.
  • Number of bathers controlled. Bathing capacity not exceeded.
  • Main drain grate secured in place.
  • Water quality: pool clarity; bottom/sides clean. Bottom visible.
  • Pool water level maintained for adequate surface skimming.
  • Overflow system, skimmers, weirs, valves, strainers maintained and operating properly.
  • Pool inlets provide adequate mixing.
  • disinfectant/chemical treatment system maintained and operating porperly.
  • Proper test kits available.
  • Indoor pools adequately ventilated.
Spas/special purpose pools: Additional requirements  General:
  • Spa/Pool operation, water temperature, alarm
  • Pools for physically disabled properly operated and
  • maintained.
  • Movable bottom pools properly operated and maintained.
  • White water slides properly operated and maintained.
  • Bathhouse, shower, toilet facilities clean, ventilated, and warn water, soap, hand drying, refuse storage and disposal provided.
  • Provided towels properly laundered.
  • Potable water supply and sewage system adequate and approved.