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AcuTrol Logo     AK 100 Series Programmable Chemical                             Controller
                    For Continuous Balanced Water

The AK100 Series chemical controller automatically monitors and maintains the pH and sanitizer in your pool or spa 24 hours a day, eliminating the time and effort required to manualy keep the water balanced . The AK100 activates chemical feeders only when needed, giving superior water quality while reducing any problems typically associated with water chemistry. AcuTrol AK 100
The AK100 Series is available with an optional modem (model AK150) allowing the unit to be monitored or programmed from home or office using a computer. The modem also allows the unit to page a programmed telephone number for any alarm condition. The AK150 records data at 3 hour intervals and has enough memory for 5 days. The AK100 series is designed to work with any type of chemical feeder.
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